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Tips for removing stains from upholstery

The upholstery of our furniture always requires constant care, often daily dust can wear, causing his Deterior.
The best thing is to shake and brush daily, and if you are spotted we should pay attention to is the type of stain you have.

If the stain is dry we can apply a solution made with glycerin half and half with cold water to loosen the clam, for half an hour, and then pass a sponge with a warm solution prepared with soap. Once we dried the stain removed with a cloth dampened with clean water.

For fresh stains is much less complicated, since we can assume with a cloth or paper towel, and sponging with warm water to completely remove the stain, repeating the operation until it is removed by completely.
If the spots were rebels, such as red wine sauce, sprinkle with talcum powder should while still wet to properly absorb the stain and then once dry, remove the same from a brush.