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Practical solutions in irregular walls of the bedroom

Sometimes rooms have lots on the wall of pipe steps or irregularities due to the facilities of other environments, for these cases is nothing better than find a décor that can integrate, and thus able to conceal them.
In the event that happened somewhere other structures around your room environment, you can take and send to perform as a headboard allows you to integrate it into the wall, so you can maximize space, and get meters to order and keep your belongings, you can also provide a dual use and make it a functional piece of furniture.
We have two ways of dealing with a projection on a wall, giving a finish that contrasts with the rest of the decor and showcase it or paint it the same color as the rest of the walls to hide and go unnoticed. Both options are good to keep in mind when decorating a room of irregular walls.
Preferred in these cases to paint neutral colors that do not stand too the walls or large parts that allow light to disguise what you do not want to be noticed too.