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How to paint a room two colors

Are you looking for a new style for your room? Dare to paint in two colors. This of paint is great for those who are not too skilled at DIY to be very simple, without thereby ceasing to be extremely aesthetic.

Look no ideas for painting a room, try this for sure will look relevant for home decor. But, so you know how to paint a room in two colors, pay attention to the following tips.
What to Avoid When painting a room

Let's start with the negative. More important than how it is what not to do. To paint a room in two colors look like you, you avoid some common mistakes.

First, you should avoid mixing paints, this will make it look bad and sloppy testing it using a line that is clear and divided the paintings, you can use masking tape or a similar product that will not damage the walls.

If you chose two colors that are vibrant or contrasting, painted with one color, and before placing the second color, wait until the first dry, so you'll see the true color of the paint.

Do not forget that you should always test the paint on a wall before you start painting a room entirely, as the colors may change once dry.

Choose a design in two colors

While painting a room two colors is a simple way to decorate, you should choose a kind of design for the room, a strategy to place the two colors of aesthetic form. The simplest way to do this is to divide the room in two, ie two walls with paint color and the other two walls to the other color. Consider the arrangement of furniture to choose what to paint walls and what color.
Can also divide the room by means of a horizontal for painting the upper half of one color and the upper half of the other. This is a technique that is increasingly used and provides very good aesthetic results.
Another type of design in two colors can be painted all four walls with one color and the other color make a strip around the room.

How to choose colors for painting the room

To choose colors to paint a room, remember to consider the colors that are already in it, the colors of the walls should be combined with other items to put in the room. You can choose two shades of one color, two complementary colors, a vibrant color to match a color neutral or pastel shade or colors that you like.
Depending on the room and the use you want to give it the colors will be more or less appropriate, for example, if you want to paint a nursery or juvenile, the paint colors vibrant can be a valid option, while decorating a room or adult room, neutral colors or light colors will be more suitable.