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Curtains trends 2013

The curtains are responsible for filtering the light, give privacy to a room, set styles in terms of decoration, protection from the sun, and hide defects that may have our walls. All this makes it very important to make the correct choice, and so I tell you what are the latest trends in decorating your windows:

Floral prints
The floral prints are suitable for a home that wants boast natural harmony. Putting together the curtains with cushions and other decorative items, proposals for this year can create a garden of natural motifs that combine with straps in other colors like green and white to facilitate the entry of light.

The best way to combine patterned curtains in dark colors is performing a complete decoration only two colors. A clear base color-as pastel shades of pink, melon, beige or cream, and a stronger one, which will take the prints and modern share the environment.
Designs in stripes
Another popular pattern stripe will specifically wide in either diagonal or horizontal. We can also see this pattern will take the curtains on walls, pillows and upholstery.
Also this year's hot color games together in contrasting or similar ranges neutral tones and diamonds. Embroidery on vertical plain or embroidered seams to work done in imitation leather.
Bold colors
Another type of curtains that will modernize your space are certainly shades of bright colors and vibrant. They are another great way to add more light to your living room, not to mention that you can include your favorite color in decorating.

Many people tend to like the more strident tones and bold fabrics. The warmer tones get a twinkle in dotted fabrics with different contrasts plagued touches.
Continuing the comparison of the trends in fashion and decoration, metallic trend is the big news of the season. While the curtains are not metal, but satin (which gives a very similar appearance to metal) will actually add light to your living room, as well as elegance and luxury with the special glow. To this end, satin fabrics in gold and silver are the best option.
Urban Styles
Another trend this year for young people are more informal designs fabrics decorated with urban and contemporary.
In stores you can find a variety of designs and fabrics to decorate your home this year. We undertake to advise you, go take the necessary steps, make and install.