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Where to place the mirrors in the house

The mirrors, decorative pieces are truly beneficial and that shine not only for their material, but because we bring light into the spaces and adapt to any style. You only have a good framework to merge with the rest of the decor, to the stand in any corner of the house.

The key to buying a good mirror, you choose depends on the environment, and how you plan to use. If you are looking for greater income is ambient light in the wall type mirrors that are installed in rooms and hallways are ideal as they reflect artificial light on them.
If you have this place a mirror opposite a window visually achieved an incredible feeling of spacious bright and open.
To expand spaces, and give depth to any room you need to do is apply to the parts and these parts without frames. If the room is rectangular, what is best place on the wall is wider.
Now if you just want to stand out as a decorative piece, these excellent possibilities offered mirrors, you can try placing them in different positions, so you get to take a great importance as it will give a three-dimensional visuals.

In the bathroom is required, the use of mirrors, as it is the room used for personal hygiene, although its use is more functional than decorative, there is much diversity of styles, to find the most consistent with the desired decoration .

In the bedroom we can choose between a standing mirror in which we can observe completely once we have one dress or partial is always placed on the dresser. If you go for this second option is recommended that you place a large mirror at the entrance of the house, with lobby furniture. In many cases, these pieces bring them built.

Besides inside cabinets or closets hallways lend this dual function, to become places of passage. When choosing them, provided they do not quite match seeks aesthetically and that the size is appropriate depending on your location on the wall and the rest of the furniture.

Placing mirrors in display cases and presentation will enhance the value of the objects they contain. They attract attention and increase the profile and importance to our most cherished objects.
Finally, the mirrors in the house seem simple objects, but they can be our allies in the interior .