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Feng Shui in decorating kitchens


For a long time it has been known the importance of Feng Shui, an ancient tradition that combines Chinese astrology and geography as a way to find the positivity in life, through the application of rules of placement and color and materials and now enjoying great popularity. Although considered a pseudoscience by scientists, it is clear that the influence of Feng Shui has been for thousands of years in China, has influenced that will expand to the west where it is known everywhere today.
And apply that finding harmony through the application of Feng Shui, is something we can all take advantage and apply in vital areas of the home like the kitchen. Today we tell about the rules for the application of Feng Shui in the kitchen decor.
Most important in Feng Shui to give harmony and promote good harmony in the kitchen is the location, which must always be looking south, because the energy of fire in a kitchen staple has always been associated with the south. We must also take into account the layout of the kitchen cabinets and kitchen spaces, an important rule in the application of Feng Shui for the kitchen is the laundry sink and must not be connected, but keep some distance between them If the kitchen has already been prepared well and can not be avoided that are in the same area, which is recommended is to isolate each other with a temporary wall, insulating table, or other embellishments.
The kitchen brighter hoganera promote harmony, so it is important the natural light and the walls with colors like blue is the color that allows good communication but green is the good fortune that favors and we know that it is linked to the kitchen. Artificial light is inevitable in the day and it should always be used at night, should be totally intense to fill the space and leave no shadow angles.
Decorating with plants from the kitchen with Feng Shui, it is very important because plants promote the feeling of relaxed, natural and sincere. No less important is the arrangement of the kitchen equipment, which when not in use must remain in their compartments, must ward off pots, pans, dishes and others to stay on the stove or table no function and should electrical limit, just the refrigerator or other appliance, but the radios, televisions, and other players should be relegated to the kitchen. The decor and curtains should be preferably in green, blue or beige. Take advantage of the positive life energy and using these Feng Shui tips for your kitchen.