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Painting cement floor smoothing

Perhaps you are about to choose the floor for your new home, want to reform or already have a smooth cement floor but want to make a change. Here I have great news if so.
Although until recently the smooth cement floor (concrete) was used by companies for their resistance and neutrality (usually found him in gray), things have changed. The trend in decorative marks it as an alternative incredibly versatile while durable. Know that is a favorite decorations minimalist and modern .

Cement smoothing for your house

The smooth cement is a mixture of coarse and fine attached (items such as rocks and sand) and cement itself three to five inches thick. As you can imagine its composition is highly resistant to traffic and weight. His other advantage is you do not need any special product for cleaning. You will find that it is common to coat pools.
However, if you're thinking it may be a bit boring, do not have to worry about. An alternative that few know is that you can paint it and use all your imagination unlike other floors like ceramic, porcelain, or polished granite which can not be painted.
It will be very difficult to get the material, since you can apply any paint to floor and the advantage is that most are no such high costs, traffic very well resist the effects of climate, as well as being waterproof and slip resistant.

Prepare your cement floor smoothing

The most important thing to achieve total paint adhesion is that the surface has been properly prepared. must be clean and dry, ie without wax, dust, mold, moisture or traces of another painting.
The most likely be necessary to sand therefore need to one skilled in the art. You will see that even some professionals turn to a treatment with acid to leave it really smooth, so it is a work of great skill.

Total Libertad

Originally you can find and in a single color (severe or mild), mixed with satin or gloss finish, not necessarily have to leave it.
You can paint a colored differently or you can opt rather for different ways or combinations. Maybe you cause the abstract. In this case you will understand that the professional you hire will have to be a great artist to work worthwhile.

The epoxy paint for concrete floors

Besides the common flooring paints, safe hear about epoxy, and the name does not scare you! This is a painting made ​​up of two components: a resin of high durability and resistance, and an enamel (epoxy).
You may wonder what the difference with other paintings. Probably not forget to paint this for years because its durability and resistance is 100%. In general industrial use is (so you'll find explained at first that is highly associated with the smooth cement floor), so I resist you move furniture, wheeled carts and heavy traffic.
Other paintings that will be tough enough to cool your apartment are the politeurano, also fabricated from resin. Remember that this is not the only painting that you can use (the epoxy), but any paint that is especially for floors.