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Shabby chic decor: the mixture of ancient and modern!

I would not have known this style of decoration if not for a TV program called Shabby Chic. And we liked it so much my mom and me, every time that we missed a chapter in the afternoon. At this point, I think what we liked was that more than one way to decorate or fix our house, it was a lifestyle.
Shabby chic is a style that is based on collecting antiques seeking a defined aesthetic and functional. These parts are restored in a process that rescues her story as an article that creates an atmosphere meant to who has it in their space.
In addition, born of the union of classical, romantic and vintage, but adapted to modern life. Therefore, to be inspired with this new way of interpreting the spaces, with a note to let you know more ways to set their homes!
Since we have our specialists Michela Casassa, Claudia Cristyane Marusiak and Freundt, girls Four in a trunk :
"Something characteristic of what we do is combine the recycling theme, with vintage and art, modern art pieces include decorations, recycled or restored to create pieces with interventions artists, we love".

How do you think the shabby chic style ?

  • The real, romantic and vintage
As I was saying, this style has a history behind that makes it so varied and beautiful. So to clarify this, we must understand that certain details together different, but not a copy of these styles.
For example, brings the classic style of the great houses of Britain and the worn look of your furniture as it is restored by hand, much like Marie Antoinette.
Also, has the characteristics of a romantic decoration in your color palette and patterns, hence, are based in pastel colors and floral prints or to observe a rate of abstract figures.
Different is not expected that this style is perfect, but it comes together with the craftsmanship of the restoration and collection of objects. Also expected functionality and avoid overloading the site with cute and romantic objects cluttering.
In turn, seeks to blend the look with vintage antiques and original touch to give a cozy home needs to feel like home. So what this form of decoration and style offers is customization of space, that means something to people who occupy and develop in an area as important as the house itself.
  • Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic and
And as I told you, I got to know this style with the programs that were led by the host and designer Rachel Ashwell. From his childhood was influenced by the dynamic that exists in flea markets: fast search, negotiation and taste to find those key pieces.

So as he grew, he was called to create their own boutique in Santa Monica, California. He succeeded, however, the crisis that enveloped the country hurt for a while. The good thing about history is that kept trying to do what he liked and so revived the job I had with the success of your store, complemented by a book and a TV.
His figure became so media, appearing on shows like Oprah and many celebrities were within their customer list. What most characterizes the brand design is handmade and unique pieces that would cause him to take home without a second thought. Overall, she tries to focus his style in different ways: the feminine, the bohemian and the ranch, and growing your business.