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Minimalist furniture for your bedroom, new trends and styles!

If we talk about minimalism in the room, surely you are a very tidy, modern and safe enough practice. These are just some of the principles of this type of decoration. So keep that in mind if you decide on it. Personally, I love it, but I accept that I'm quite concerned with maintaining order at all times.
Something you have to be clear is that all be treated with simple lines, so forget about recharging the space with too many objects. It is precisely why the housekeeping become the priority. If you need to add points to your bedroom minimalist design, I will say that just helps to get a sense of relaxation and tranquility which gives a fairly elegant.
Another advantage is that in small spaces tend to give a feeling of spaciousness, so just clear the environment. So sign up for this trend.

A minimalist bed

In a bedroom, the bed talking, it is essential to point out, as any other piece of furniture can be omitted. More or less, so you may have read, you can imagine that the head has to be very simple. Do not even think anything ornamental or with too many ornaments. The box type are great just for the simple lines.
So when choosing how to invest it. Do not put too many pillows, just a couple of pillows and only if it is very necessary one or two pillows in solid colors. Do not use patterns, and designing quilts or blankets.

Comfortable and minimalist tables

For comfortable, prefer those completely straight. Avoid having too much on them, just a few ornaments add a touch of style. Your lotions, boxes or other objects will have to find another place to show off.
In regard to the drawers is best not to have handles. That will make it look much cleaner in terms of design.
But just looking for simplicity in terms of tables (light or any support) are preferable low rates and without drawers. If you need to have them, no problem, opt for the square structure as simple as possible.
Above your bedside, you can put any modern lamp (square or tapered work well), a book or simply decorative. We must continue with the principle of "minimum".
About colors, definitely the best are the white and black for its neutrality. Another one that works well is brown, chocolate brown. You can also try other colors, however, try not to spend three or four tones that are close.


Shelves and other minimalist

Given that this is not just cram the space, but to use the essentials and nothing more, which can be very useful are the shelves. In order to frame the space and having smaller elements, can put alongside or above the bed. Here again, find the simplest and also the fill with objects.
You can also place mats, better if they are of one color or have a geometric design. The colors should be close to the room you use to blend. They can also be just in order to mark the contrast if everything else is pretty neutral. Notice how the turquoise carpet of photography gives the necessary touch of color but without excess.
About pictures or photos, is better than just choosing a wall or a corner for them, so will keep the sobriety of total space. Likewise, the reasons must be abstract pictures to go with the set.
As I noted at the outset, this style, quite modern, prioritize the order so choose a place in your closet so you can save your clothes from the day. If you leave it lying or deranged, will break with the balance achieved in the room. Now, enjoy the tranquility that you have achieved with this decoration!