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How to decorate a small room

Oh, no! It grew and it's time to move out of the house of my parents. But how will it be?, The only places that convinced me they are small and practical, but I have no idea how to decorate it. Quiet!, Now the trend is that households are increasingly younger ones and you have to make the most possible.
small room

Not just for those who go to live their singleness and independence, but for young couples and practices that choose to be closer and have everything on hand. For there is a fad for flats or duplex as the ideal home and today. But do not think that because smaller ones are easier to decorate, in contrast, is more difficult to find the exact items to give the best look into space.

Mainly the room where you spend a lot of fun time. Remember it is the first space they see our visits to enter the house, where we can discuss, celebrate important moments, movies and much more. So for that, today I'll show you a note with the best advice to give you all a way to space.

Tips for a small room

  • The lighting in my small room
The light on a key point that helps us to make it appear larger space in our room. For this, we can choose between two options: natural and artificial light.

In the first case, large windows or screens let the light in the morning with full force. Thus, the environment will be much larger and more natural. We agregarles thousands of details in the frames, curtains and more. Another option is packaged bulbs in different places. For this key points can be located in space and see the designs that are better suited to this.

  • The colors of my small room
I recommend using light colors for all or most of the walls, and also add an effect of spaciousness to the environment. For this, the white, off white or beige are eprfectos. Reinforces the feeling of lightness and clarity. If you want to add a splash of color, you can do this in two ways: by applying color to window frames or curtain rod and choosing one of the walls to give it a deeper color.

The latter is a great option to give it more strength and power to give the style they like. For example, a pastel color for something romantic and feminine, intense color for a fun space, color black to something modern and elegant, and so on.
  • The furniture for my small room
Like the lighting and color, the elements are extremely important as they will help to give structure to space, here also lies the functionality of the site. We do decide to buy sofas, TV cabinet that place, ask if there will be coffee table.

On the former, the sofas in "L" or chaise longue, are ideal when trying to optimize space. They have plenty of seats in addition to which is coupled to the elongated spaces that are common in small apartments, it is best to place them against the wall. Can be supplemented with a small chair or ottoman is the best approach, you can choose the same material or combine textures.
TV and furniture, including shelves, doors, drawers and shelves, are the most versatile and can be recommended. Play the role of bookseller, cabinet, shelf, etc.. You'll love the decorating firms that let you create your own compositions, in order to have a unique furniture, personalized and different depending on your style, you can get a lot out!

With the theme of coffee tables, you have to be very careful. But the ideal is to be the simplest and lighter possible to not take up too much space. Moreover, if they decide to maximize the space, then choose furniture dual purpose, such as using a trunk as a coffee table, or tables that include auxiliary rack. You'll also find models that hide inside poufs that can be very useful when you have guests at home.


As you see, get a small room with style is simple, taking into account certain tips to make them look more spacious than they are, especially to make our life more convenient and fun.