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How to clean kitchen countertops

Countertops are the most visible part of the whole kitchen furniture and always must be well maintained and clean to get the visual effect of the material we chose.
On that basis must be cleaned and take care of one way or another, not all materials are treated in Home Decorations igual.

Tips for cleaning countertops by Material

Marble countertops
They are very delicate, requiring treatment to waterproof their porosity. Wipe clean with soapy water (with dishwasher), rinse and dry immediately.
Granite Countertops
Use a microfiber cloth to remove dust from the surface. Clean the granite countertop daily if necessary. Do not use a regular product to clean granite kitchen.
Baking soda can be sprinkled as a more abrasive cleaning action and can be repeated if necessary. Granite can also be cleaned with warm soapy water or a solution of borax and water. Rinse well and dry.
Wood Countertops
If what you have is a wooden countertop postforming or cleaning should be more delicate, use soap and water and then again, dry the surface thoroughly. Become a cutting board not to scratch and keep always clean by wiping with a cloth so that you do not embed anything.
Compact countertops
For compact countertop cleaning, simply use a pH neutral product, rinse with water and dry with kitchen paper, which for this are great, because thanks to the zero porosity quartz not allow mold growth and therefore bacteria. Be careful not to use bleach or solvent to clean the counter and let the counter unclear because you may lose gloss.
Silestone countertops
Quartz countertops offer unique features for its high hardness and low porosity. For daily cleaning is enough cleaner with a neutral pH soap, rinsing and drying.
The Silestone can be easily cleaned with a plastic scrubber and dishwasher. There are also specific products for sale to clean countertops maintaining brightness and cleaned most common stains in a kitchen, with regard to silicone moieties are removed as in countertops compact.
Stainless steel countertops
On the other hand in the modern decor stainless steel is also very popular, both tops, like countertops and bells, but if you try to go over it carefully water stains noticeable if not dry them well. Anyway on the market excellent products to keep clean and shiny for much longer.
The stainless steel should never be cleaned and polished with steel wool or harsh products to clean with a sponge or soft cloth and then drying for excellent water remains not leave marks is more than enough. If you prefer to buy products for added durability, find some paste such as Kidel TorniShield or HG or other aerosol as Steel Clean, of VitroClean.