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How to mix the colors of the bricks

The clay bricks are made ​​that determines the color of the final product. And is that different compositions of this mineral respond to fire in a different, making this material exist in shades ranging from yellow to salmon pink, to dark red almost brown. And if you add layers of other materials such as limestone or sand as it is on fire, also affect its color and texture.

I recommend you to manage the color of the bricks in the same way as you would that of painting, the carpets or fabrics. Particularly using that key to help you find others that are harmonious. Therefore, the brick color is like the pink, salmon or deep red works well with others as cold greens, soft yellows and different targets.
While those that go to the yellow go well with neutral colors such as gray cold or warm browns. To these shades I recommend you look different gray tones that combine well with the kind of earth tones with the bricks that are usually placed in this class of spaces.

If you want the bricks protrude further into the space where they are, I recommend painting the walls a color that contrasts well with that of the material to get more attention there. You can also add some touches of the same color of the bricks in other parts of the room, some fabrics or accessories.