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Why use color therapy in the decoration

The color therapy is a method used in alternative medicine involving the use colors as healing elements, antidepressants, stimulants, regenerative and maintainers of balance and harmony.
Many experts doubt its effectiveness in medicine but what is certain is that without knowing why sometimes enter a room and noticed a sense of peace and calm, as if this place we transmit it well being. By contrast, there are places where we feel uncomfortable entering, insecure and vulnerable.
One cause of these positive feelings may be caused precisely by a harmonious combination of colors that make up that space.
Certain colors are astringent like red, orange or yellow. Blue helps extroversion, while red allows introversion. Certain colors like red and orange make up the temperature of a room, are called warm colors. Others on the contrary as blue, indigo or gray are cool colors. We show a small sample of what can make the colors of your house for your mood:
  • Red: Stimulates the spirit.
  • Orange: Color-fatigue. It promotes good body-spirit, optimism increases.
  • Yellow: Stimulates the intellect. Mental Fatigue, antimelancolía.
  • Lemon: Stimulates concentration.
  • Green: Color sedative, and strengthens the sight rests. Tempera sexual arousal. Soothes insomnia. Soothes nervousness and anger. Change ideas.
  • Blue: Refreshing. Combat selfishness. Effect of peace and tranquility. The blue "open" mind.
  • Violet: Reduces anxiety, phobias and fear. Eliminates the rage and violence.
  • Purple: Color hypnotic.