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Trends marital bedroom decor

Minimalist Space

This trend will never go out of style, always be present in the bedrooms of the most practical and classic. If you do not like daring, try the traditional white and light colors that achieve an effect of spaciousness and elegance that has not lost.
Minimalism continues to be the protagonist, through its clean lines and polished. Although for this style these bedrooms should have a detail of romance, with some traces of red, the bedspread or sheets.

Fun and color

Get out of the traditional and dare to add splashes of color to your bedroom with vibrant, saturated colors. The shades of orange and terracotta, burgundy and red will be the stars.


This trend is characterized by using dark colors, but little saturated and cakes. leads, dark green, are the palette to make your bedroom a sanctuary of refined taste, peaceful and luxurious.
Did you like these trends? Did you apply them in your master bedroom? These are the best trends and colors that you can safely apply in your bedroom and your husband will love!