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How to decorate a small house

How to decorate a small house
Small houses can be very cozy, but it is important stop on the way to distribute the furniture and organize the spaces. We can use some tricks and strategies for a small size home is a comfortable and enjoyable.
General guidelines recommend that interior small dwellings be deleted partitions and bet on the visual continuity of space. In terms of decor, the ideal is to use light colors, the maximization of natural lighting and the use of mirrors (ideal to create the visual effect of a magnified area).
If you are looking to solve problems of space in small bedrooms, one option could be built in wardrobes and well distributed, they are an important element to achieve order in the room. Avoid the use of too large or bulky furniture.
In the case of rooms or dining rooms (which in small dwellings often share the same room) can opt for multifunction furniture. They combine several applications in one place, save space and have plenty of designs that can suit our decor.
In the bathroom and the kitchen is worth betting only the elements that seem essential for unobstructed mobility and comfort. Folding tables and modular stack can represent space optimization.