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How to cover your pots with fabric

Surely you've ever encountered in pots that you have nothing planted and you have removed the decoration because they do not see them with a modern and you feel sorry for throwing are not broken. However, if you could make a facelift certainly be willing to reuse because they have an appropriate size for seasonal flowers .
Well, we propose a simple way to update your pots old: cover them with fabric. The technique is simple, it will take very little time and materials need not complicated to find. First choose a piece of fabric that you like. It may be to match the curtains or cushions or can opt for a more neutral sackcloth and easily combinable. Then you just need white glue, water and optionally pieces of rope to complete the decor.
The process is very simple. Cut the fabric to fit the pot so that on the base fabric and a little pot lining inside. We propose two different techniques. If you choose to apply a fine cloth white glue in the pot with a brush hits the canvas and then stretching it with care not to create wrinkles. But if you opt for a sackcloth submerge in a bowl in which you mix white glue with water and place it in the pot by forming wrinkles.
Finally do the same with the piece of string around the pot and making a loop and let dry. The white-tailed harden and become transparent so as not to be noticed and you will have created a pot of wrinkled effect. If you dare you can finally use a patina to emphasize wrinkles and create an antique effect.