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Tips for decorative patio space

When we decide to plant different types of nature in the yard, we must first of all determine how the climate here is different to the garden and the rest of the place where you live. This way you can choose plants accordingly, especially as the protection of the walls and lack of air movement there is believed to make its own microclimate.
Besides deciding to put flowers and plants in your yard, other decorative elements that you can try here. One of the most common and easiest is to simply paint the walls, selecting a single color, or more if you wish, to go with the style and appearance you want to achieve in this area of the house.
You may consider applying a different color on each wall and you should consider several things about the colors, especially if you want cause a different effect to your eyes and your guests and family. If you want to warm colors such as orange and red, make sure your yard is large enough because these colors make everything look a bit more compact.
If you have a small space and want to make it seem bigger one , I recommend painting each wall a cool color as are the bright green, blue and lavender shades that are sagging a bit and makes everything look a bit further away. And if you have an artistic spirit, or know someone who does, consider making a mural on one or more walls, by putting a clear sealer at the end you do have a longer life and not be ruined by sunlight or rain water.