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Brick, important material in construction

Currently, the brick is a material of choice for construction of houses and apartments worldwide. And it has some advantages are very obvious and need little maintenance and resistance to fire, although they usually see more in the outer parts and the parts of the chimneys , but not always be confined to those spaces.
In fact, it is this material of brick and impressive characteristics of fire resistance, you've surely seen as a coating of fires in older homes and more modern as well as surrounding and covering all the chimneys around the houses, so it's as good at the time of construction.
Depending on the way home is built, you can have your fireplace surrounded by a few lines of bricks made ​​or will be a whole structure in which this material is visible on your wall. Also if you have a house or apartment in a contemporary style, you may have a room behind the fireplace, which will have spaces where you have to deal with it.
It is at this moment that you decide how you want to see these pieces made ​​of brick, because for some people is like a black spot that clearly removes all the spaces, while others believe that these details will give your home a  character  rustic and comfortable, of course all depending on the tone with the bricks and how will this color with the decorative scheme of your choice.