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Feminine style decor throughout

The girls have a sixth sense for decoration thing, that everyone knows and it is certain that there is palpably the difference when there has been a feminine touch at home.
This particular style of ladies ranging from how to arrange the furniture to the colors chosen to paint the walls and the walls, taken from the pink tones are the most used, however, there are exceptions, of course.
The designs with feminine cut usually have more specifically the nature and flowers as elements of a greater presence in many parts. The main rooms are those that are the perfect canvas for the petals to make their appearance.
Girls prefer in their rooms drawings that deal with flower patterns on the walls or comforters and pillows , larger girls can have the same cut just not as flashy and distributed within their chambers.
The lighting is also a determining factor for the feminine style of a space. The girls will love the light and that is why the large windows and powerful lamps are the best option in this case. The bedrooms also usually have these items and are aesthetically exquisite.
Textiles, rugs and curtains are also part of the complete decoration in this respect the women prefer to combine these elements. They can do color, texture or pattern and is perfect in the great hall.