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Trends in painting: colors for small rooms

The room is perhaps the most important area of your home and this should reflect your style, not only with the furnishings and accessories, but with the right colors. But what if your room is small? Choose the colors of the latest trends.
Paint the room requires special attention, because this part of the house is something like the letter throughout your house. That's where you get your views, whether family or friends, or wherever you enjoy yourself be reading, watching TV or listening to music, hence, must have a personal touch, while the colors that make look splendid.
But what to do when your room is small?
For example, I live in a mini department, which is what I chose to start my married life. My room is a space in which there is no division in the kitchen, so that in the end they both share the same environment. A sort of room- kitchenette, as is customary in today "flats" modern.
And when choosing the color for this environment, I had to take into account this feature and choose a color that fits with both parties, which mainly exploits the idea of space, that was what was missing in my house.
So if you, like me, not so spacious room, keep in mind that you can not apply any color, but the convenient for the effect of space is thought, while becoming a super comfortable environment for you and your visitors.
Therefore, the following notes I researched advice after having have to deal with the time to give life and color to my mini room, which, I assure you, will be quite useful.

Types of room

First of all, and-better yet-with the assistance of a painter, analyze your room. Maybe it's low ceiling, but somewhat wider? Or maybe your living room ceiling is low but long walls? Or perhaps, as in my case-a living roof bit wide but super high?
All these features determine a different choice of colors to be used.
  • If the ceilings are low, paint them white or bone. This color gives the feeling of spaciousness. You can also paint it the same color as the walls or the same color, but in a lower tone, to give the same effect.
  • If your ceiling is super high, choose a shade darker than the walls.
  • For long walls, uses pastels to achieve the vision of a wider space and painting the ceiling the same color.

What color to choose?

According to your type of room and your own style you can choose from the following colors:
  • White: white is a classic, timeless and space effect is amazing. Choose pure white or tinged, that this never lose, and your room is well lit or not. Look for example, how is this mini room, white is complemented by the light coming from the window.
  • Cakes: pastels are fashionable, and super go into a small room, as it gives the feeling of breathing, relaxation and amplitude. Among the cakes are sand color, white smoke, celestial, cream, green, peach, pink, etc.. For example, this color that goes between the sand and the green has that softness that creates the effect of amplitude we seek in small spaces.
This color melon, also comes in handy, is delicate, relaxing and nothing invasive. Combining with earth-colored furniture and white curtains, looks great.
The color you see in the picture below I love it because it reminds me of the sea and relaxing effect. In fact, if I had a house off the coast, this green water would be my must be.
  • Yellow: Yellow is also a good choice for high brightness and energy projects. Choose soft shades of this color, like the picture below: smooth and shiny at the same time. A really lovely tone to this room has high ceiling.
Just do your list removes the dark, as take up space in your home. Nor should you paint using contrasts between wall and wall marked, then devour the little space you have for a small room, but you can use a color, and then degrade the tone to paint the wall below and will achieve a soft contrast that does not undermine the space of your home.

Useful Tips

Finally, I leave these tips you will be quite useful when painting your room:
  • To be completely sure of the choice you have made in color try, making a dab on the wall and let it dry one day.
  • Note that the color of the floor is in harmony with the walls and ceiling. For example, if the floor and ceiling are of wood, you shall by no means celestial or other cool color for your living disappear. The white and yellow are the most suitable in this case.
  • If your room is small, the furnishings should be commensurate with its size. Forget the old clock pendulum, the showcase ornate Victorian motifs and game room too robust.