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Minimalist decor Indoor: 10 tips

Calm ambience, full of light and very elegant ... that is what modern decor. Maybe you prefer the environments warm or even futuristic. However, if you decide on the modern style has become very popular in recent years, we can help you with several tips. We chatted with designer Carla Canepa furniture shop Arq Studio to do effortlessly.
No need to incur higher costs but you should have an overview of what you want before you start redecorating or decorating if it is a new house. A great advantage is that in addition to reflecting harmony, this style ensures that the environments look bigger than they really are. Then, get to work!

1. Prioritize a house with elegance and good taste

Sometimes not even pay attention to our decor, we buy furniture or ornaments with no idea or think about the general concept we want.
So if you want a modern house the first thing you do is get yourself according to what you want. An object Just do not go with the other can destroy the harmony and break the idea.

2. Use lines in furniture

Horizontal, vertical or inclined. Your decoration should be made ​​of simple lines, not curves. Square furniture, carpets, paintings, simple shapes and minimalist. Go with them and get the modern home you want.

3. Mix textures visible

The mixture of textures and materials such as steel, wood, polyurethane, are ideal. Check out as the big designers do.
Our specialist told us that:
"We are in the whole trend to be materials with different types of use, mixed are very stylish and modern. Each has its particularity as a material: style, warmth, modernity. "

4. Use a piece of design or a work of art

Sometimes we are so used to purchase items found wholesale, we do not take the time to find special items. Not have to be expensive, look in antique shops, furniture and accessories are very well preserved that look modern but will add a touch of style to the environment.
Our expert tells us that we must not forget our own tastes:
"A work of art is ideal to highlight a setting. This is going hand in hand with the personality and style of each user. Being a very important location and lighting that you will be in this, it will be the ideal complement to the display to provide. "

5. Stresses details decorated like a sophisticated lamp

Even if your furniture is simple if you include a lamp striking, classy and totally original you will give a totally different look to the room. Furthermore, to get away from it you might want to put it to one side of the room, somewhere special where you look and not exactly in the center. In this case, the pendants are your allies.
Models?? You'll find the most diverse, just stay away from the traditional and old.

6. Less is more in the decoration

A modern house as you are looking to have a touch minimalist. What does it mean? Showing little but tasteful. Gentle tones (especially the white) and open spaces will help in this task. Surfaces empty key objects, that is what you should look for. In conclusion: austerity and simplicity in furniture, walls and shades.

7. Bright rooms

Carla tells us that "the luminosity is essential in an environment, which can be naturally occurring or artificial, the latter helping to highlight and provide decorative accents on a wall textures and color of this, as well as furniture and other decorative items that supplement it".
A dark house will take away your furniture style, and the idea is to harness all that natural light can save. We also have to think about the planet. Opt for large windows and keep your curtains open.

8. Total order in each environment

No atiborres the space with too many objects or ornaments. Remember that in a modern decor that counts is functionality. If you need it and will look good, but throw it away. Over time we become more and more objects and ended up having a collection of useless objects.
When you buy something you need, take advantage also to evaluate what you no longer need. The order has a lot to do with learning to select. In this regard areas like the kitchen or the bedroom should have your full attention when it comes to maintaining harmony.

9. The basic colors to decorate!

A good tip is to deploy much white and gray and brown tones with accents of color in the accessories. Did not you think? Our decorator tells us that:
"This helps us provide a beautiful shade of color to an environment without making major changes, giving a character for each type of equipment: events, seasons, intimate gatherings, and others. These accessories can be decorative pillows, rugs, lamps, and other decorations with a style marked by finesse and elegance. "
I recently purchased a painting for the living room, my bare wall had been too long and generally all other colors are neutral but with this touch of color, everything changed.

10. The prominence of the furniture

A good tip is to choose specific furniture and own role. Since we have already established that it is not to cram but rather take advantage of the blank, choose carefully. Also be careful with the prints, are totally forbidden in curtains, carpets or cushions.