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Basic on a terrace

  • Chairs or sofas

This is more than basic on a terrace, what good is it if we can not sit and think, relax or enjoy a glass of wine? Can choose chairs, small sofas or benches. Depending on whether you will use your deck to eat or to hang will choose the suitable furniture.
  • Something to cover the sun

This is what I mean, you need or an umbrella or a small sun to enjoy daylight without being besieged by UV rays. Before umbrellas were quite uncomfortable as they were in the middle, however, I seen on the market various models that are much more efficient than the base part from one side and the closing process is easy.
  • Plants

Typically, homes or apartments that have small terraces have no green areas. Terraces in the departments should be utilized to place pots, vases and everything green and natural to see. If you do not want to take up too much space, you can hang small pots hanging from the rail leaving a European super detail. Carla Cruz, an architect and a specialist of the week, tells us that plants are an extremely important element in the terraces, a tip we gives is to give them a good light either natural or artificial.