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Small terraces in the city

  • Terraces romantic

As I said, when I think of small terraces on the terrace of a room or if not on the terrace of a young couple. If your case is the latter, you can make the deck a little place to escape the routine and the mood romantic dinners or just chat with a cheese and wine. For this you just need a table for two and a vase place environment . It's a super simple notion that you will not regret.
  • Terraces minimalist
This is my favorite idea of all, I love it! It's super easy and does not involve many elements. Looking for a large sofa where you can sit down, kick you to read a book, and decorate the space with a warm lights and plants. Imagine coming home from work and relax in this comfortable sofa. The picture shows a white sofa, however, I recommend using slightly darker color (not black or dark blue, as they tend to get sunburned).