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Tips for painting walls in warm tones

The warm atmosphere that provides warm tones is undeniable. If we opted for lighter ranges, get smart environments and easy to decorate. The walls are the perfect backdrop for warm tones bring to our home and from that other colors add a little more intense (as we see in many decorating magazines).


If we choose to paint some of the members of the warm range, such as stone, sand, beige, clay or vanilla, to paint the walls can add warmth to our home and even get the feel of higher temperature.
The nature and the elements that are part of it are the main source of inspiration, and every season we find that its tones are reinvented. For example, stone tones are part of the current trends for its versatile nature and combinable, so that they become an ideal choice to paint the entire house when you want to give a very soft note of color to step away from traditional cold white.
On the other hand, if you choose a soft beige range of favor all your home because it is a very adaptable foundation that reflects light and textiles acquiring various shades. The rooms give a sense of continuity and reflect a harmonious picture.
Usually, the warm light tones are calming, light, and depending on the light are oriented towards beige or brown, all this we must add its remarkable character sober and elegant, and well put a note sophisticated combined.

How to coordinate

Thus the range of the earth as beige or creams include the beauty of wood, with the clear half-tone or the most desirable to combine. Although also achieved elegant and stately rooms with dark wood furniture and colonial style.
The warm colors are influenced by textile accessories, as they highlight its texture (more so than with white color). If you combine them with cotton or linen achieve a more casual, and more rich and colorful fabrics, like velvet or silk, you can get a more stylish and urban.
For natural style that project these colors go well with fiber elements, such as sisal or jute. But if you want to get a slightly less warm, do not hesitate to include textile accessories (cushions or plaids) or soft green carpet or moss, while adding warmth, coral or yellow in their vibrant hues are the best option.