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Room Minimalist Modern accessories for your living in this 2013

This 2013 is just beginning, but definitely we can see what trends will dominate not only the fashion world but also the design and decoration.

In addition to color choices, armchairs and tv, another important factor in decorating the small details. Believe it or not, the "Accessories" or complements the decor of the room makes a difference, especially if you can not renew your room makes it possible constantly. Therefore, pay attention to these tips in which I'll show you the most beautiful and modern furniture - chairs, futons, shelves-for this 2013, the minimalist style.

Tips for decorating minimalist style

If you are planning to decorate your room with this minimalist style and give a breath of freshness to the environment, here I leave you with some simple tips you can start:
Use neutral, light colors, like white, beige, pale pink, cream, light gray and olive cake.
For dark colors, the black on the furniture, the red on the details, the brown on floors and carpets. Aha, now red is allowed in your minimalist room.
  • If you choose to put a carpet in your living room with minimalist decor, opt for one with simple silhouette, but with lots of hair and acolchonadita. 
  • Avoid using many colors in the decor. What I always look cute is that the chairs and small decorations, such as vases, vases, ashtrays, etc. - Are the same color.
  • Search armchairs with simple lines, nothing fancy. A nice touch to give color to your room is a striking rug.