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Reading lamps

The master bedroom has a special aura and should be decorated as the main room. If you have such space may have little choice but to decorate, however if you have a small room not grieve!There are many options for you too comfortable. All of the color you choose to have in the room, marked trends orange, green, turquoise as the main tone, however, I believe that the combination is the taste, and you should find the perfect balance between man and women. As is usually the woman who takes care of the decoration of the rooms, tend to make the room muye female partner, which ends up bothering the husband be careful about that!
As for the lamps, asymmetrical patterns are trendy and advice I can give is do not buy a lamp that fits on the nightstand because it takes space, you can use one that screw to the wall. remember that everything has to be in harmony decorating style you have chosen for the whole house. I leave you some interesting models.