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How to decorate your home with artificial plants

Plants and flowers can give a very different feel to any environment. They give vitality and color to a room that can be very cold, especially if you place them in key places such as a coffee table, a corner of the room or the eaves of the window. Think about it! A flower can be the perfect solution for an empty corner.
You might wonder why use artificial plants. Many people do not like because they think they can look very fake, however it need not be so. Depend largely on the care you put to choose them. Start paying attention to your surroundings and notice that they have become very popular. Karina Gamarra, interior designer, told us:
"Today is not just part of the decoration of houses but also hotels, restaurants and offices. Artificial plants decorated and prepared in the right way can give a special touch, elegant and sophisticated space without creating maintenance problems compared to real plants. Artificial plants and flowers bring excitement and joy. "

Advantages of using artificial plants

  • Unlike natural'll with no undesirable presence of insects at home.
  • No pot pours water on when least expected.
  • You can change when one is enough, because you can have them stored and remove them when needed. Karina tells us that "it will achieve different appearances that go with the style to develop in the environment."
  • Artificial flowers require little maintenance. No need to be aware of them (with the little time that sometimes we have!) Because they require no water and they will not wither.
  • You will not have problems with the weather.
  • I will cheaper, because you do not need to buy every week.
  • Do not cause (or one of your guests) no allergy.