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Final Tips for your small terrace

Use your terrace

I remember more than five years lived in an apartment whose balcony was good little girl to whom my family decided to simply place two chairs and a vase. This resulted in anyone used the terrace and it was only used to see what was happening outside the department. Did not let this pass with it, use it, you can make out and turn it into a place to forget everything.

Integra elements

I have seen very good in internet thoughts, one of which is to find that the room or space that is closest to the terrace is integrated with it. Do not mean that they constitute a space together if you feel a harmony to, for example, have the open terrace. The image below is an excellent example of that, you have a small dining room very close to the terrace which is full of beautiful plants. To give continuity to the spaces, Carla we recommend using the same texture and color on the walls and on the floor of the living room and the terrace.

Flowers and plants

The flowers and plants give a cozier feel to the environment in which they are placed. In the case of the terrace, causes it to look bigger and much more enjoyable to be there. Now, if you're like me and do not like to cede much natural space to the image I present below an excellent choice. The amount of flowers and pots you want to use depends strictly on the space you have in your deck, says Carla, our expert.