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Ideas to renovate doors and windows

Renew is the key when it comes to giving a different look to your home. With the passage of time and despite provide care necessary, and inevitable that certain key elements in home decor deteriorate.
To regain the status and appearance they had when you bought or installed, you need not purchase new ones, simply apply various techniques to DIY, plus much wit and good taste. So you can enjoy a renewed and pleasant atmosphere in your home.

Handles for doors

The best way to change the look of the doors on a budget. The handles should follow the same style in order to achieve a harmonious whole. But to highlight their presence, so their advice is that there is a color contrast between the finish of the doors and the knobs. Also the finish of the knobs can be a resource that you will use to your advantage to update a classic model of door or add a touch of light to a dark wood.
In regard to form, the handles always more comfortable than round knobs, especially if there are children at home. Another reason is that the handles tend to have fewer failures than round knobs, but if you like and you seem more decorative chooses those oval.
For sliding doors, handles large are the better alternative, regardless of the shape or finish. Yes, we recommend you always choose quality knobs, and a door that the amount of detail is what the difference marcarás bringing style into your home.

Showcases or libraries

To transform this unit and location may change to give a new utility simply sanding the bottom and apply paint if you wanted or paper, glue for membership.
If you choose a paper with print background is important to choose a proportional drawing size to the space between shelves, while the color should contrast with the cabinet.
If you decide to use a cloth, keep in mind that the work of clothing inside the cabinet or bookstore will be a bit more complicated. In this case a handy trick is to line a light wood or sturdy cardboard with fabric and then glue these rectangles lined the bottom of the cabinet.