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Floor lamps for lovers of simplicity

For book lovers, there are few moments more pleasurable than that in which are comfortably lying on the couch with a good book in hand and where they can spend their pages with all the comforts of the world. Whether you prefer the paper book as if we have gone to electronic, it is important to have good lighting so tired we are not in sight. Ideally, a lamp, which also serve to illuminate our living room more intimate, but few fit into a decoration now and minimalist. Here we propose some models of designer lamps.

Pure geometry. The lamp Kubik, simple lines but very versatile. Margot Viarnés design that can illuminate the top cube, as in the image, or the inside, to give a more intimate and ambient light.

A vase of light. Its shape is reminiscent of some glass vases for flowers. Empire is the lamp Foscarini. It is made ​​of acrylic and provides a diffused light up.

Women and industry. Soft shapes, curves and stylized with a metallic finish, are the basis of the model Jazz, Diego Fortunato.

And the future was light . Carlota de Bevilacqua devised is called Rigel lamp that emits colored light in forward direction. Off, also serves another function: it is a mirror.