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Decorating rooms with fireplace

Well here we will talk about something different and something a little more complicated than we have been talking about, because decorating a living room with fireplace is something different from what we have been postulated, but hey I'll try to explain the best way how to do to decorate rooms with fireplace . The first is knowing what kind of room we are, for example if a room where we're going to be something like a study, if the room, or if it is a reception room, things like that are where to start not only to decorate rooms with fireplace, but to decorate all kinds of rooms.

Suppose that is a show to be, relaxing or even the room, the idea is to place a large chair with two small armchairs on either side and half glazed a wood coffee table is what I would recommend that your Once this front of the fireplace, the space between the fireplace to the nearest sales could install a library, although it is impossible to suppose, as put them in stacks in classrooms everywhere, but try to do this, put a library near but not attached to the chimney, and the other side some distraction somewhat like a mini bar, or if you demand a work desk with your laptop, the idea of all this is knowing how to do things that nothing see but not too piled separately, another detail is the carpet, is the more you have to do for that warm touch to the room where the fireplace.