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Living Colour Decoration

See the color options for our living, is an idea that is out of context to choose just one color and just have the decorative image in our mind. It is important that we not only like and that should match the style of the furniture, what matters most is that we select the color that convey some feeling, a feeling that other things are important for choosing the right colors, also we feel comfortable with the color that is reflected, since the main thing is that we are comfortable with the color you have chosen, and most of all if we're talking about a room, since it is the room where we could spend more time a day then you should know how to convey tranquility there.

Keep in mind that the internal architecture is based on the colors that are going to have within it, so it's important to get all the details that I'm telling you combine a thousand perfections, that's what counts.

We know that there are several classifications of colors , which are there to do, warm dark, warm light, and dark. To make sure you're not doing a bad job, choose colors always in the same classification is what is recommended to make these combine without much effort, no bases in the palettes you but if you have them present the vast majority of the time.