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How to grow mushrooms at home

How to grow mushrooms at home. If you're a fan of mushrooms today I propose that you cultivate in your own home is much more easier than you think.

You just have to take into account steps that allow you to grow them with confidence and security. I'll tell you after the jump.

Not all mushrooms are cultivated at home, I recommend species are Agaricus bisporus and Agaricus bitorquis. Please note that the ideal temperature to grow mushrooms is between 8 and 18 degrees, so you have to be careful with the ice and excessive heat. Does not like the light, more well you place it in a cool dark place

Like all fungi, it needs moisture, it must be at least 70%, so a humidifier is the method most suitable, another solution more home is to put water bowls close to the mushrooms, which will increase the humidity, you'll see as water is consumed rapidly. The fungus has no chlorophyll and therefore can not feed himself, you should use manure natural or artificial.

But how culture may vary. You can grow mushrooms in compost cords in racks, on trays or bag. What I recommend for growing mushrooms at home on the shelves culture , which is to enter the compost on different floors consist of wooden shelves. Maybe you can do at home?