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Choose your lamp for low ceilings

One of the problems with which we can run today in new construction, without doubt, has to do with the low ceilings. Given the size, departments generally are not very high, so the hanging lamps can be a problem for us.
The lighting is basic in two senses: functionality and decoration. In the functional sense, we need to really be useful and allow us to have light to the work we do in the room. In just decoration, a dark room can cause you to feel depressed even without knowing the cause.
Also, if we are talking about a small space, good lighting also help us to give the impression of a larger space. So, get to work! What kind of lighting will help you get it?

Ceiling of all models

Panels are the first option you should consider for a low ceiling. It is more flat lamps are attached to the ceiling. Generally, the bulb is quite concealed or not in view. Many prefer them because they feel that the hanging lamps can clutter the space. The model in the photograph is quite large, although it is common to find them in a smaller size.
However, the last thing I want you to think is that the panels are limited to this type of model. Look at this one, a square ceiling with small "arms" that remain almost level and end in eight bulbs.
Another alternative is the multiple panels to help you achieve stronger lighting. Moreover, the model looks very modern.

And dichroic spotlights

This option is much better in kitchens, bathrooms or hallways. Logically, installation is more complicated, because it is necessary to drill the roof, this should be done by a professional. You can also install a false ceiling a few inches to make the job easier.

Floor lamps

This type of lamps will undoubtedly be your allies. A good tip is to head down to the ceiling, to illuminate, you will notice that the space expands. You can place them at key points in the room that light interest you. Good places are the corners or along the main furniture.
On models not have to worry because you can find rustic, modern, traditional or old. It depends on the overall decor of your home so you decide which one is better.

Some tricks for your roof under

In addition to lighting and the type of lamp you use, there are some tricks to make your room look higher than they really are. First, paint of the same color moldings, walls and ceiling of course. Better yet if the latter will apply a gloss paint it, because it will help to reflect light.
Another good tip is that your curtains come from near the ceiling and your window frame. If you put them in your window, cut the wall into parts making it look lower in height. It is now very fashionable place a bar and that also gives you great ease to change your curtains when you want.
The vertical stripes can also create the illusion of greater height. If you do not want to paint, wallpaper used. If that option does not convince you, mirrors placed high and narrow, you'll get the same effect.
As you noticed, you have more than one option for your roof looks much higher than it actually is. Do not get problems with lighting, than it is to learn to play with what the market gives us and thank goodness, there are several models that are ideal lamp in this case.