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Chandeliers: types and trends

Lamps are an essential element in the decoration of any room. Illuminate the space is its main function, however, many people forget that they can also serve as an excellent decorative element. Then I will explain the types of chandeliers out there and the main trends.

Types of chandeliers

  • Pendant lamps
As the name implies, these lamps hanging from the ceiling. They are the most common type and its main exponent is the chandelier. I have three of these in my kitchen and they look nice. They are red and stand out a lot, since my kitchen has all white walls.
  • Ceiling
They're kind of trays that can be in different ways. Was located quite close to the ceiling making them seem close to it, and slightly protruding. They are ideal if you have a room with limited space such as my bedroom (which I share with my sister) measuring 3 × 2 meters.
  • Semiplafones
They are quite similar to the panels. Unlike these, the semiplafones protrude from the ceiling like pendant lamps but at a minimum.
  • Recessed lamps
In this type are the famous dichroic. Lamps that are embedded in the ceiling and is not a relief beyond. Serve to hallways or small areas that need lighting. In my house for example, there dichroic pointing to the walls with paintings or photographs.
  • Spotlights
Placing a base on the ceiling lights and lights are put. The cheapest (does the job) but less decorative.
  • Movable lamps
These lamps have a hinged base that is fully movable both height and direction.

What lamp do I choose

When choosing between one of these guys must think in two variables:

  • Function
    • Lamp is required to illuminate a large space or in a timely manner.
    • It requires that the direction of the lamp may be modified.
  • Decoration
    • It is in keeping with the style of the environment where it will be placed
    • Desired that mimics the space or, conversely, that highlights as a single piece and striking.
Definitely, the trends for ceiling lighting lamps tilts hanging lamps.'re More protagonists and add personality to the living room or dining room. The trends for this type of lamp are as follows? vintage, artistic and minimalist.
  • Vintage
What vintage is fashionable in all respects. Fashion, parties, and even lamps! You can take any lamps you have saved and completely renovate it. The vintage tones are mainly the following: gold, brown and cakes.
  • Artistic
Search lamps that are true works of art. Fear not that part of your house or apartment attention. You can go to markets or ask a designer to make you a unique lamp for you. Decorative art is the most in today.
  • Minimalism
This trend continues. If you have a totally minimalist or prefer department highlighting an item that is not your lamp opt for this trend. Are lamps with white materials and metals.

Ceiling lights are a key element of your home lighting. Aprovechalas as decoration. Remember that you can choose the type and trend you want long as you follow the line style of the space where you want to place