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The best models for a rustic kitchen curtains

If you have a country style kitchen you are considering remodeling, keep in mind the model you use to shade your windows or screens. You can use either, so in this post I will give you the best ideas to redecorate your kitchen Pay attention!

Types of curtains

In the world of decoration, we have many styles of curtains, we usually know the classic fabric and embroidered with Grandma But that went out of style! Nowadays, there are many more possibilities to help you choose the environment look much more modern.
If we talk about a rustic, perhaps think that gives you many options of modernism, but I think that you have to know how to combine fine detail and get a good and original result.
  • Panel Curtains

Are hemmed fabric rectangles at the ends suspended by the top of the window by rings or hooks. His fall folds form and are usually used for dining rooms, kitchens and even bedrooms.
Panel curtains rustic kitchens Excellent choice!
Curtain-white kitchen Excellent choice!
This type of curtains look great for kitchens, especially in earth colors if your decor is rustic. Note that the orange color, but bold color is very cute, especially, let the light.
  • Curtains curtains type:

Are subject curtain panels above and below by a hemming system which passes a pair of metal rods tensioned and secured to the window. Are displayed as small flat sheets of fabric to allow the passage of light but shielded from the outside. They are perfect for small windows environments such as kitchens and hallways.
Curtains for cooking class and style!
Rustic curtains-kitchen-10
This type of curtain is perfect for cooking and especially for a country style as it gives you the ability to match colors and highlight the colore of wood, typical of this style cuisine.
  • Roman Shades:

Roman shade is called straight to fabrics that fold horizontally-in various horizontal-and folds up when you need to let light or air. These curtains are recommended for fixed or sliding windows, and are not practical in windows that open inward. If you still want to, try to hang above the upper frame to be folded before opening or closing the window
Roman style curtains for kitchens I love it!
Roman style patterned curtain Interesting!
Practices for a rustic style kitchen because it fits so well with the decor, and help with the lighting in the room. Besides as you can see also has a peculiar style you'll love.

Colors to account!

Usually a rustic decor, its main feature, the use of wood and all its derivatives, therefore tends to be a room where raw earth tones.
If that's what you like, I suggest you consider other colors for details like curtains, so let brighten the room and create an interesting effect I'll give you some ideas!
Off-white curtain I love!
The pearl-white or certainly highlight a room where raw wood note this tone. Remember that maintaining these curtains will be complicated because it is a color that gets dirty very easily.
The green color is also a good option Cheer!
Please note the color green, the color orange, the color pearl, yellow, pink, white. Actually there are many colors that you can use, just depends on how these Luck.
Cute colors for your kitchen curtains country style
The red color is an excellent choice and checkered pattern A classic!
Original design fit well with the rustic style