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Modern models walk in closets for your bedroom

We all dream with walk in closet of Carrie from Sex and The city but is it possible to make a similar one in our bedroom? It's all about creativity, so in this post you will find top tips!

Is there enough space?

I will not cheat, in order to enjoy a walk in closet and in the American series, you need a space considered. Chances are you think your room is small but surely is poorly distributed, need to take into account that in addition to provide you with the organization of your clothing and accessory s will also save space because everything can be located in one place.
Carrie is a refined taste in clothes Here we walk in closet!

Ideally you should have a very large room where you can accommodate your queen size bed next to the most beautiful toilet but especially the walk in closet dreamed. One of two doors with full-length mirrors on all sides, one side for all the shoes, another for clothes and finally for accessories. I remember one scene noventera series Clueless (Clueless in Spanish) where the protagonist Cher, choose to use for a quote on a revolving closet remote.
Cher decides what to wear on your walk in closet mail
What woman has not dreamed of a sea of ​​clothes in a closet well designed? It's not about being fashionista but only have a very well organized bedroom where triggers be. Although it is a matter of space, while it is is time to be creative.

Modern Walk-In Closets

Modern designs are asymmetrical and feature whose main attractive combination of bright colors, such as decorating styles that are fashionable bedroom. The starting point is the model of your room, choose the ideal colors and materials, for example if your floor is carpeted or upholstered, of this factor depends on the structure of your walk in closet.
The important thing is to keep everything well organized
The color scheme is a typical characteristic of the modern walk in closte
I love having everything organized
Also necessary space will grant you your walk in closet, you will distribute in the categories qu e believe necessary to accommodate your belongings. Therefore it is necessary to know that magazines want to develop them as, if you want drawers or hangers. Below are some models walk in closet, as you like modern, glamorous and feminine.
Have you noticed how to upload photos?
We love having well organized shoes!
Your style will be reflected in your walk in closet

Luxury! The walking closets dreamed

If you to have dreamed and walk in closet are preparing the ideal design to take place, then stop searching in this part of the post, you will find the most luxurious models. From fine finishes to the latest in technology to facilitate use of this part of your room.
All according to your style, beautiful colors, designs risky under current trends, obviously all part of the structure you imagined at first.
I love this design!
I love the muted colors, like white
Remember that for a luxury walk in closet, we need considerable space. If you're moving recently and the room you have chosen as your bedroom and has a walk in closet set up and do not like, do not worry, you can from there and readjust it to your liking.
Then I will give some phenomenal ideas for you to consider when restructuring your walk in closet.
Sober colors used for luxury design
Minimalist Style Luxury walk in closet!