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Wild Orchid, a beautiful Polynesian

If there is a flower of peculiar beauty and more fascinated by its complexity is the orchid. The originality of its forms, colors and there are endless varieties of this species of plant monocot something exotic and appealing to all lovers of plants.

But this plant is difficult to cultivate. Anyone who wants to grow should know there are three varieties: epiphytes, semi-terrestrial and terrestrial, and most of these species occur in tropical and subtropical climates. These varieties have larger flowers than European orchids. In Spain we can count up to 100 varieties of orchids.

Once the plant reaches our home, keep in mind that need lots of light , so we have to put in an extremely bright. A south-facing window would be the perfect place in the home. But keep in mind that direct sunlight is not good for them in the spring and summer. Therefore you should try to reach the light that is filtered. And do not forget that it is a plant that needs high humidity to grow and flourish without problems. Now in winter, the heating of homes represent a threat to this beautiful variety of flowers.

Therefore it is essential that spray water (always to the leaves, not flowers as they spoil) or put wet pebbles under the pot to keep it moist.

Orchids are a sign of elegance and recently have become popular as an ornament not only the home but dresses or bouquets for example. In addition to traditional florists are also marketed in supermarkets or even in online sales pages or discount coupons. Not long ago the Groupon site in conjunction with a florist threw an orchid supply two yards.

The spectacular nature of this flower is now much easier to catch and bring the corners of your home. With all these facilities and just rely on your expertise to bring your world a little closer to Polynesia.