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Ideas to decorate the laundry area

The decor in every corner of the home should bring the same aesthetic and dedication, which is why we can not ignore areas such as cleaning sector. For this space is important not to limit yourself and look for the best not only in terms of color but also in organization.

Being a space that is always busy because we have to opt for bookcases and built to the exact size to save space and optimize available. If you opt for small cabinets they can go to the ground and used as tables for folding clothes or ironing models built there.

For the tones you can use clear are recommended to give more warmth to the environment, and following the guidelines of Feng Shui better if they are derived from the blue to be representative of the watery element, and it empowers the energy of the room itself.

The lighting is equally important is why you must use the appropriate lamps and adapt to the environment in general. In most cases, the utility has very few square feet but can work if we know the best way to get the most benefit.

The sector will be very nice, and washing work will become less tedious, if in addition to what has already been accounts with appropriate accessories lavad often buy large appliances without thinking whether it will be really useful, it is best to always easier but functional.