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Red for Christmas decorations

If you are rather classic, think about decorating with this color, but be careful. When you combine it with green or gold accents will look spectacular. If you do not want to risk thus begins just decorating your Christmas tree with this color.

Christmas decorations

Pastel shades
These will give any room a very sober and beautiful vintage style. Turns to gray to pale pink and mustard matte.

Old wood makes good ledges for decorating

Wood is one of the most valuable materials if we talk about recycling and decorate. If you have any furniture damaged by weather or insects of "eating wood" not despise the other parts that can still be reused and become pretty shelves with a rustic feel.
wood slats

It is not necessary that the wood is perfectly painted or cut; the only important thing here is that the chips are removed. With a small piece of wood, you can make a nice hanger keys and ornaments.
You can also take advantage of the structures that you already have on your furniture, and use complete parts like door or drawers to decorate any room in your home with a more intimate and familiar touch. The kitchen, for example, is ideal for these shelves made with doors antique cupboards space. Also, you can save time and space by recycling a small drawer to make it a shelf slide-collars.
furniture parts
Following the drawers, just the edge they fail, scrape out the bottom, paint them and use them as floating shelves for your kitchen utensils safely. Use them in various sizes and colors.