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Corridors and galleries with exterior views

We can recreate from the living room and the living room through our hallways and if it is possible a beautiful walk in the same view outside.

To achieve this we can apply through glass walls ceiling windows offered by the market , starting from floor to ceiling, thus crowning a nice view to the garden, or outside the home. Scroll through a zone like this in the winter can be as pleasurable as walking in the garden and be in full contact with nature.

In these cases it is important to find a cozy decor, especially if the corridor extends from the main balcony, to any living room or kitchen, we can use earth colors, beige and wood flooring as merbau, parquet and rustic accessories avail ourselves of, that blend seamlessly with nature, so it can be placed in the hallway if is large, armchairs, tables and some other accessories that give life to this pleasant stroll through the interior of your home.