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Interior decoration in pink

A nice decoration speaks highly of the inhabitants of the home, not to mention that each color gives flashes of personality traits, which is why an environment with details in pink, is a good choice for lovers of romance and delicacy.
Among the accessories that you can place to create an environment are the cushions pink in the case of a living, like bouquets of roses to the center of the table and a small engraving on the wall with a few lines of that tone to be even more pleasant place.
As for the rooms, it's best to choose a color that complements the rose as brown, white, and yellow soft tone, that for there to be a balance between all shades, for that you can choose light curtains to brighten up the atmosphere .
As for the bathrooms, the best are the combinations with the classic white, since they provide a touch of elegance while cleaning, so you should choose pastel colors for this kind of place, a good finish is to place flowers on each corner, as well as decorate expire pleasant and relaxing aroma.
The kitchen is also a good place to put details ros to predominant color, usually of a soft tone to make it brighter and with a romantic touch, you can use furniture like the stove, in the shade, and black finishes as the refrigerator or sink, this to make a correct contrast to the elements.
The study or office is a good environment for that pink into action with a soft carpet and a lamp of the same hue, the chairs can be black or any other dark color as the bookcase and coffee table, this to reign a touch to the room.