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Places to put expensive decorative fabrics

Sometimes you find that perfect fabric that would go a great way with your decor. However, it also often happens that some fabrics are very expensive decorative for use anywhere in the room and unless we count on you to reach a budget to buy several yards of that material, it is best to use it at certain places.

One of these places are the cushions or pillows in the room and no matter when these are small or large rectangular or those that occupy the entire length of the bed, because cover on one side by the fabric, so you will make a terrific addition to your decor. If you have patterns, be sure to put focus on the top and make them a frame with a single color fabric.

That was so beautiful and expensive fabric also like the way you can put the table or around the tablecloth, and that such projects are very simple. Even if you take care of sewing, you can use those heat ended sticking to the fabric or even some special glue to the edges are perfect. Be sure to try the technique that you use on the web, in another piece before, so they would not go to ruin.

You can also put pieces of this cloth in those vertical blinds, just grab the blinds more important, which are the two that are closest to the middle of the window. These two can be decorated at the edges with pieces of this fabric, sewn panels of blinds, which makes you an excellent look at this place and without using much.