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How to improve the space in the laundry

In modern homes almost not much room for the laundry. Yet in many there is a laundry area and must also optimize that environment so that everything is well placed and everything in its place The first step is to choose the type of furniture you need to order cleaning implements, clothing and footwear. In most cases shelves should choose may be short or long and in different materials such as wood or metal.
Wall cabinets are equally useful and helpful for this purpose, please purchase one that matches the space, decorating style and also very spacious for all you need to accommodate.
In terms of space is essential to know fully distribute and with good reason because this room is usually relatively short in this regard. Well must measure devices as washers, dryers and the inevitable press.
The latter can be found in different sizes and runs well, it's best to choose one that exactly suits your space between wall and floor. The materials of manufacture are also important there from classic to metal and textile fabric wicker and other materials more elegant and interesting.
You can buy small drawers that go into the master closet to store specific items like underwear or socks. Do not forget also the laundry baskets that need to be washed, good organization will make the process more enjoyable.