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Sealing doors and windows

If we remember that by keeping our homes well insulated can save up to 30% in heating and air conditioning, this is all a benefit.
Doors and windows are often the cause of the loss of heat and cold of a house, that is why it is extremely important to make sure they close properly, otherwise we place them with the possibility of improving weather stripping to close because they are very effective, are rubber are the best and the foam, which serve but are not as good as the first.
There are also insulating tapes, which are a cheaper option to adjust the doors and windows. In this case note that if this is the option to be acquired, the best are those made of vinyl, and silicone. On the other hand should keep in mind that the heavier genres curtains help insulate the windows, another point to consider especially if your blinds are too old, is to check the top of the wall, or the drawer where it is wound the blind as it may have been broken and that makes the loss of the insulation, causing loss of heat and cold, in these cases will be necessary to seal the crack with cement, putty, or silicone, depending on their size.